Letter to An Old Friend

By Francesca S.

Dear old friend,

It has been a long time since we last saw each other. That awkward wave on the street from our new friend groups does not count. I still don’t know what happened with our friendship, to me nothing went wrong. I keep the memory of the primary school play precious. Not the play itself. The anticipation of it, we went to get smoothies before that, I hated the dress I was wearing and you felt cool with your sneakers. The play I truly don’t remember. I still have the photos of the final choreography. We were a bunch of uncoordinated 3rd graders!

I remember hugging you right after, my mum captured that moment: it’s on my wall. Do you remember how many times I ate over at your house? What about those winning moments we shared on Mario Kart? The times after school we went to the park? All seemed so freeing, no tensions, just ourselves.

Then things changed. I left. You stayed.

We kept in touch. I sometimes came over the weekend. One time I came for a few days during Carnival and you surprised me with confetti and silly string. We spent the whole afternoon together, more Mario Kart and laughs and moments of true happiness.

It was only when I came back to stay permanently that we started to drift apart. We tried meeting up, but we had grown older, things we used to enjoy, didn’t matter anymore. There always seemed to be an excuse of why you couldn’t make it. We didn’t go to the same school anymore, we had found other friends. Our interests were different. Through other friends I heard things about you I still don’t want to believe. I guess we’re strangers now, but it’s okay. I’ll cherish those memories from 1st grade onwards like the handprints, or the park and all those video games.

So thank you.

Thank you for being part of my childhood and for leaving me with happy memories.

Your old friend,


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