Micro Car VS. Scooter

By Riccardo M.

Rome is one of the few cities in the world that allows surprisingly young people, from the age of 14, to drive. There’s a sort of “miniature” driving license, which permits young teenagers to drive either a micro car (macchinetta) or a scooter. Two incredibly fragile vehicles that are yet popular here in Rome. Let’s compare the two and find out which is better.

Advantages of a Micro Car:

Micro cars are very common in this city and have many advantages in comparison to a scooter. To start off with, it comes with a roof and, therefore, offers continual protection from rain or bad weather. This makes it ideal to drive this tiny vehicle under any conditions, creating a huge advantage compared to a scooter. It is possible to drive scooters under bad weather but it is much more uncomfortable and dangerous.

As well as that, micro cars come with a capacious trunk, allowing the driver to carry objects such as backpacks and other things with him. This makes the micro car useful and much more comfortable when going to school, to do sports or anywhere a bag is required.

It also comes with a radio and, if requested, it can come with both a parking-assist screen and air conditioning. This makes the temperature in your car suitable even in the unbearably hot conditions of Rome and it allows the driver to have music as a constant source of entertainment.

Advantages of a Scooter:

One of the main advantages of a scooter regards traffic. With a scooter it is easy to cut through traffic jams, significantly decreasing the amount of time someone might spend caught in the traffic.

Some people consider the most important aspect of a vehicle to be its price. Scooters cost much less compared to micro cars and are most likely just as efficient if we consider the motor and the technical elements outside of convenience. Whilst new micro cars would averagely cost 11,000 euros, scooters would minimally cost half the price even when new.

Moreover, it is much more comfortable to park with a scooter. Being evidently “smaller”, scooters easily fit into tinier parking spaces and, therefore, can be highly convenient when one is in a hurry. More than one scooter can be parked in the same parking space whilst mini cars obviously require an entire space that may be trickier to find in crowded places.

Disadvantages of a Micro Car:

Although a micro car has several convenient features, there are also a few negative elements to consider when talking about it. Firstly, the car isn’t made from the same strong material that a normal car is made of, instead micro cars are made of a type of plastic that makes them much less resistant in accidents.

Furthermore, it has a generally less advanced motor and technological system. Micro cars can break down easily and are less efficient time wise.

Disadvantages of a Scooter:

Scooters also have some problems regarding convenience. When someone parks his scooter and decides to go for a walk, for example, he has to carry his helmet around with him and this makes it much less comfortable. A helmet is always obligatory when driving a scooter and without it heavy sanctions may be put into action against the driver.

As well as that, scooters have a very cramped trunk. Because of the small trunk at the back of the scooter, something as big as a bag would have to be carried yourself or left behind. Only small objects can be carried on these vehicles.

In conclusion, both vehicles have their advantages and disadvantages. They almost balance each other out and the convenience of the vehicle definitely depends on the type of life that a person has. I drive a micro car and personally, I find it to be more comfortable and convenient based on the space that the car provides the driver with.





  1. I really enjoyed this article! I like the fact that you discussed both the advantages and disadvantages of the vehicles. Great job.


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