Where to go in May

By Lena M.

May is a great month to travel as it the month when we begin to see signs of summer, you spend time with your family and friends, hence,the weather is really nice. Two incredibly nice places to visit are Marrakesh and Costa Rica. The weather in both countries at the period of time is wonderful and you will fall in love with the vibrant culture.       

Doka Coffee Plantation (Costa Rica)

        The Doka Coffee Plantations are located on the slopes of the Poas volcano and is the coffee capital of Costa Rica. It engaged in the production of coffee for more than 70 years. Plantation Doc was twice awarded for the best coffee plantations in Costa Rica. Visitors’ main interest is to see the whole process of production of coffee.

        The tour is divided into several stages. First, tourists will learn all about the soil and growing grain. Then, you will see the process of classification and grinding grain. Visitors can see how the grain is cut into the fermentation tanks. And after that, you can see a factory in which various types of coffee beans are roasted. Of course, after the tour you can visit the local café, enjoy a cup of coffee and peep into the shop where you can buy souvenirs and coffee to make at home.

Thermal springs Tabacon (Costa Rica)

        Thermal springs of Tabacon are located in the north of Costa Rica, about thirty kilometers west of the town La Fortuna. The water from these sources is heated by volcanic activity and ponds’ temperature may reach 42 degrees Celsius! A comfortable hotel is located next to the Tabacon Springs, with a spa where you can enjoy some massages and procedures and relax after a hard day.

School Ben Youssef (Marrakesh)

        School Ben Youssef is the largest religious school in North Africa. Consider visiting the rich decor of the school yard with a swimming pool for ablutions, and compare it with the greatness of fantastic microscopic mosaic decoration. Wander through the quiet corridors of the school, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the streets.

Bahia Palace

        Bahia Palace (Rue de la Kasbah) is in the medina, near the Jewish quarter Mellah. The name of the palace is translated to “beautiful palace” or “favorite palace. It was built in the late 19th century by order of the Grand Vizier, Sidi Moussa and his son Ahmed Ba. There lived all the extensive family of viziers-wives, concubines and children. Ba Ahmed was extremely obese, so he ordered to build a single-story palace, so he would not “have to work” his feet on the stairs. It was built on a grand scale – marble tiles which were taken from across the country, because the Vizier would be the largest and most magnificent palace in the state. So you can enjoy and take an hour-long tour to see all the beautiful decorations and one of the most beautiful buildings in Marrakech.




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