48 Hours in Barcelona

By: Lena M.

In a city where there are twice as many tourists than the native population itself, it seems simply impossible to visit all the sights. Barcelona is a unique combination of wealth, beautiful architecture, and 4 kilometers long sandy beaches. Two days is an extremely short time, but there is much to see and to spend a great time.

First day in Barcelona 11:00

The architecture of Gaudi is the main attraction of Barcelona.

It should be noted that the architecture of Gaudi is the city’s business card, it can rightly be called the main attraction of Barcelona. Hundreds of tourists stand in line for hours to see the strange creations by the great Antonio Gaudi. Therefore, if you want to visit any of his 11, it is better to come in the morning, when there is not a large flow of visitors. Entrance to almost all houses of Gaudi costs 10 euros. Students have a discount and the cost of the tickets are 8 euros. Near Gaudi houses, there are many souvenir shops. Be sure to take the opportunity to bring home a reduced copy of “Sagrada de familia”, or the project Park Güell.

13:00 – 15:00. Begin to explore the sights of Barcelona. The center of the city.

From Park Güell (station metro Vallcarca) going to the city center. It is worth noting that the metro in Barcelona is quite comfortable, quick, and costs € 1.40. If you buy group tickets or travel for a few days, it will be much cheaper. In the centre on the main street of the bustling capital of La Rambla Catalunna and go there for lunch.

There are many cafes that offer national dishes. In any of them it is worth to try the paella, a signature Spanish dish. It is on the menu of almost every restaurant in price from 8 to 20 euros. The main ingredients are rice and seafood, but paella can be made with chicken, other meat or even with vegetables. Beside the paella, you should taste the national drink – sangria. Spanish rarely drink sangria, however, they are happy to treat foreigners. It is better to try the sangria, not prepared  in restaurants, but by residents in the home. Then you will feel the real taste of incendiary Catalonia.

15:00 – 17:00. A walk through the city and the four main streets.

In the Central quarter of Barcelona there are the four main streets. Stroll through them, to feel the spirit of the city, see architecture and become familiar with the first sights of Barcelona. La Rambla de Catalunya-home, consists of several short streets, with the word in its title “La Rambla”. Visit Street-flower market La Rambla. The main street is characterized by constant movement and active life as there are a lot of mimes and artists. Live statues come in motion when you throw a coin and try to take pictures. Here, in the center of the near Placa Catalunya on main street, visit a huge Bazaar Bukeriâ. Your eyes will be dispersing from diversity. Similar to the Turkish Grand Bazaar, Spanish Bukeriâ hosts a large selection of exotic fruits, seafood, food, and beverages.
Parallel to La Rambla de Catalunya Avenue is Passau de Grazia, where you can see mysterious Gaudi’s masterpiece – Casa Mila La Pedrera. This house has a lot of names – Quarry, hornet’s nest or a Meat pie. La Pedrera is considered the pinnacle of modern architecture. The house is called the most perfect project of Gaudi in civil engineering. At Casa Mila, there are no corners in their classic form, this is the kind of attraction that you should definitely see. The entrance to the building costs 14 euros and 10 euros for students.17:00 – 19:00. Casa Mila La Pedrera.


19:00 – 21:00. Dinner.

Having dinner near the History Museum, only with a very cozy atmosphere and the location is Café de l’Opera (La Rambla, 74). It is the only big café in Barcelona preserved in the twentieth century. The terrace is always very crowded, but the internal decor of 1929 still remains a favourite place to stay. The best place for dreaming about distant times of bourgeois is by the window on the second floor, with a cup of coffee.

21:00 – till morning. Night life of Barcelona.

Club “Shôko” (Paseo Marítimo de la Barceloneta, 36). This is a very beautiful place in Barcelona, known to the tourists as a “must see”. At the morning and all the day through, “Shôko” is a restaurant with Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. And by nightfall, the most popular Club in Barcelona with the best DJs.

The Sights Of Barcelona. Day 2


09:00 – 13:00. The greatest attraction in Barcelona – Sagrada de Familia.

Today the first point, the greatest construction of Gaudi and truly the main attraction of Barcelona, Sagrada de Familia, which more than two million tourists have seen the construction of. From the hostel you travel to the church on the metro (Vallcarca – Sagrada de Familia) and the entrance to Sagrada de Familia costs 12 euros. Modern architects still have it completed and plan to complete as much work by Gaudi in 2026.

Near the Church is a beautiful park with exotic plants. A street performer near the Sagrada de the Surname decked with flowers. Take photos on the memory of the flourishing Barcelona, and he will give you the stone for luck.


13:00 – 16:00. The old town and the Gothic quarter.

From Sagrada de Familia go to Plaza de Catalunya. And from here on the already familiar La Rambla Catalunya to the old town and the Gothic quarter. The little streets with interesting architecture and plenty of windows create the atmosphere of a century ago. However, this is an amazing and unique mix of clothing shops and a variety of souvenirs. Enjoying a walk through the old town, do some shopping. Here you can buy cheap clothes, original jewelry, pottery and antiques.

At the intersection of del Kommerts and Passeo de Picasso, visit the Museum of chocolate (Somers, 36) as it is the sweetest attraction in Barcelona. In the same building you can learn about chocolate from the  history of the cocoa bean to the modern manufacture of chocolate. Also, you can see a meter figure made of chocolate and the sweet pictures. The entrance costs 3 euros. In the shop at the Museum, be sure to buy some souvenirs, especially chocolate with ginger or ginger and capsicum. Here in the old town, there is a Museum of history, Picasso, modern art, old church and hospital. At every step among these mini-streets, there are small cafés. Visit any of them and take a cup of coffee to sit and observe the life on this street and people around. The coffee here is from 0.70 to 2 euros.

16:00 – 17:00. Promenade.

If you are tired of the sights in Barcelona, stroll along the Passeig de Picasso and Passeig de Circumval.lacio, which merges to become the Placa dels Voluntaris, which is walking distance to  the beaches. A unique combination of ancient architecture and about five kilometers of pristine beaches. The Mediterranean climate and sunny weather in addition to the joy of admiring the amazing architecture will allow you to enjoy a pleasant sea holiday.

17:00 – 21:00. Park, castle and fountain of Montjuic.

From the old town on the metro you can go to the Park Montjuic. On the way, look in any supermarket and buy products. It does not hurt for a mini-picnic in Green Park and beautiful scenery. The metro station (Parc de Montjuic) is close the national Museum of art. The entrance to the Museum is temporarily closed, so it’s the only way to enjoy playing guitar and singing of street musicians playing.  It is worth noting that local street musicians are real professionals. Next, from the Museum head towards the Olympic stadium, where you can admire the impressive space and architecture.

From the stadium, a funicular railway parallel road heading up to Montjuïc castle. Get ready for incredible scenery and experiences as you can see all of Barcelona at a glance, the interesting architectural buildings, interspersed with Gaudi traditional Spanish quarters. When the sun starts to set, entire Barcelona will shine with incredible lights. Then go back to the Avenue of Maria Cristina, near plaça Espanya. By nightfall, you can expect a singing fountain or the magic fountain of Montjuïc, multi-coloured water action and show accompanied by romantic melodies, where the water jets with light can form up to 7 billion combinations and shapes.

21:00. Dinner.

At the foot of the park on the way back down from the caste, treat yourself to a dinner of delicious Spanish food and remember the time spent in the saturated and unforgettable Catalan capital.

Two days is enough to see all the sights of Barcelona. But if you fall in love with this city and want to come back for longer, then the best time to experience the entire atmosphere of Barcelona is in the summer for  maybe a week or two. Then you will have more time to visit all the incredible places in Barcelona.


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