Exam Survival Guide for Dummies… and Smart-ies

By Kristen O.

  1. Relax… Take it Eeeeeeaaaasy

Don’t stress about exams because they are just testing the knowledge you were supposed to acquire in a school year…supposed to… (I’m not saying you did). But yeah, an exam is just a really big quiz… that’s worth about 25% of your final grade… like I said… a REALLY big quiz. If you paid attention during classes throughout the whole year and studied, you’ll be fine (…hopefully); if you were sleeping during class on the other hand… good luck!

  1. Don’t Stop ‘til You Drop

I’m just kidding! We don’t want you dead… we want you to take the exam first 😉 You should start studying before your actual exam to take some of the stress off, it’s a given, but of course… during exam week, you tend to study much more especially for the next exam coming up. While you are studying, if you feel tired or you want to take a break, take a break: … eat a chip…eat an entire cake… binge watch a whole season of Game of Thrones… sleep for 36 hours (You know what I mean), just don’t study 24/7, it is not healthy. Although you want to study until you feel satisfied, let’s be honest, you’ll never be satisfied until you get your exam back and see your score. In order to not explode, you should “have a break, have a KitKat!”

  1. Just Do It

We all know the feelings we get during exam week: “Stress-levels-increase-by-about-563%” or the “I’m-probably-gonna-fail-and-not-get-a-proper-job-and-end-up-working-in-McDonalds” (Which is probably a good place to eat from as a stress reliever). But in the end, you have to do it anyway, so it is best not to be overly stressed about it, because we all know what happens when we’re stressed… chaos, havoc and… ABSOLUTE DESTRUCTION. Just kidding! It just means that you will not work as well and you would do an even worse job on your exam. So just do it and get it over with because trust me, once exams are over, your stress levels may actually decrease by more than 563%.

  1. Close your eyes, lay your head down… Now it’s time to sleep

Don’t stay up until 2 AM studying for the next day; you have priorities, and one of those is sleep. In order to perform well on your 2-and-a-half-although-it-feels-more-like-a-7-hour-exam, you have to be well rested. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will probably fall asleep during your exam or you could end up looking like a zombie first thing in the morning and you might actually scare your teacher into giving you an “A”.

I hope these 4 tips helped, and don’t even try to question me for writing 4 instead of 5; yes…you have to be odd to be #1 but you have to be even to get that 100%.


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