Merengues vs. Colchoneros – Soccer Finals

By: Andrea M.

And here we are. It’s been a long year, a long season, I must say. It began in late July of 2015, and now, towards the end of May 2016, we are coming to an end. We went through some spectacularly tough matches (although honestly some were quite boring). We saw and talked about the matches of the Groups stages, round of 16, quarters and semifinals during the last 7 months, all of this for what is happening now. Yes, we are arriving to the final, achieved by two Spanish teams, more importantly, the two most important teams from Madrid, Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid are valid for the final of this year’s Champions league that  is happening soon. This is going to be extraordinary.


There are many things that you need to know before watching this final. The most important thing, is get to know the teams they defeated in order to be in this final. Well, let’s start off with Atletico’s. They were put in a group with Galatasaray, Astana, and Benfica. Not a mission impossible for the Colchoneros, that is why they were the group’s favorites from the very beginning. In fact, they managed to arrive first, which permitted them not to have a difficult opponent in the round of 16. Psv Eindhoven was sorted as their rivals for this round, and although it may not seem real, Atletico Madrid suffered a lot in these two matches. They only managed to pull through at penalties of the second match. For the match of quarter finals, luck was not on Atletico’s side, since they had to face the last “Champions league winners”, Barcelona. The match had an unexpected ending, which of course all of you can guess, since Atletico is now in a final. Atletico lost the first match 2-1, but thanks to a “perfect” win against Barca for 2-0, they arrived in the semifinal. There was no luck for Atletico even there, but after winning with the best team in the world, the Colchoneros were not afraid of no one now. They faced Bayern Munich, and even though they lost their second game for 2-1, they managed to arrive at the final thanks to their win in the first game for 1-0. Now it is the last game, and after having beaten such teams as Barcelona and Bayern Munich, they are definitely not afraid of Real Madrid, even though this is a derby, one of the most important and felt in the world. Will they manage to win their first ever Champions League? We’ll find out very soon!


Now that we talked about Atletico’s journey in this Champions League, let’s briefly see how Real Madrid’s journey was. So, their group was composed from them, Malmö, Psg and Shakhtar Donetsk. It was obvious from the beginning that Real Madrid and Psg were going to arrive first, the only thing to be decided was who was going to arrive first and who second. As predicted, Real managed to arrive first in their group. In the round of 16, they were put against As Roma, but thanks to a 2-0 win in both two matches, they arrived at the quarterfinals. The quarterfinal match was interesting and fought until the last minute. They fought Wolfsburg, and in the first match, Real Madrid unexpectedly lost 2-0, but they made a great “remuntada”, winning 3-0 the second game. In the semifinal, they faced Manchester city, and even though the first match ended on a boring 0-0, they are now in a final, due to their 1-0 win in the second game.


And here we are, ready to watch this spectacular final. Now that we know these two teams victories this year, we can now watch the match with more interest and with clearer ideas.  So, are you ready to watch Merengues Vs Colchoneros?


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