The Boys are Back at It Again – DoDDS European Soccer Champions

By: Špela K. – Sports

Throughout the entire season one could notice the energy of every player on the soccer team on the field. It was not just talent that was visible, it was also determination. The boys’ soccer team proved themselves worthy of the highest ranking in the division long before arriving in Germany for the championship tournament. They were able to win every game except one, which they tied. However, in Germany, they did not come to tie any games, they came to win.

PastedGraphic-1During the Group tournament play, the team was able to win all three games with ease, qualifying them for the semi-finals. The semi-final game, against the International School of Florence, was more dramatic as they were the team they tied during the regular season. By the end of regulation time the teams were tied 1-1 and were bound for overtime. Because the first ten minute overtime did not give any goals, the teams had to play for another ten minutes. However, even these extra ten minutes did not provide any of the teams to score and therefore the teams had a penalty shoot-out. With a less heart-clenching retelling than the actual experience of the event, the Royals won the shootout 5-3, giving them the win and a spot in the final championship game.

The championship game, which was against AFNORTH, a team the Royals played and beat in the Group play 3-0, was less stressful. The scoring came easy and by the end of the first half, the boys were winning 4-0. In the second half, three more goals before the end of regulation time allowed the game to finish seven minutes early due to the mercy rule. The team proved that last year’s loss in the final game penalty shoot-out was nothing but a little bump in the road and that they are the best team in our division.


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