Why Are We Missing a Gym?


By: Briana L.

Being at Marymount has taught me one pivotal thing: how to appreciate the wildlife. Our campus is immersed into the green, with trees and bushes everywhere, just beautiful surroundings. During lunch or break you look around and see tall pines and trees that house birds, from parrots to woodpeckers. When walking on the Marymount campus you do not realize you are in a metropolitan city. No, it feels as if you are in a beautiful park. Marymount has its own little oxygen pump. However, the green is not Marymount’s only positive characteristic. Walking through the campus, you see the basketball courts, the soccer field, and children’s playgrounds, all very well taken care of. We have to acknowledge that Marymount also great technological resources, ranging from iMacs in the computer rooms to projectors or TVs in certain rooms, for scholastic use, for both professors and students. Now, going back to the campus, let’s face it, Marymount has the best campus grounds out of all the schools in Rome. However, a question arises. Why doesn’t the campus have a gym? In two great PE years, even though it was very manageable, there were days in which we strongly needed a gym. During summer and spring there were almost no problems with regards to PE activities. Thanks to Rome’s fantastic weather, sunshine almost everyday, PE during spring and summer was great and outside activities were enjoyable. The sunshine warming you, the surroundings creating a beautiful atmosphere, and just playing sports was what helped mentally abandon the stress from classes. Being outside in the fresh air and just moving around helped relieve that immobility experienced during class time, where you are seated, still, extremely concentrated on trying to focus on taking notes on the lesson. Let’s just say PE was an hour to abandon studious class environments. During winter season, however, three out of five days are rainy, which forces PE lessons to be moved inside…in a classroom. Sure, PE classes are substituted by health classes, but don’t you think students would like a break from seated lectures? Perhaps they would prefer to do PE inside instead of outside during cold seasons? In addition, it would avoid getting students sick during the wintertime. If Marymount were to have a Gym, it would allow student movement from ordinary classes during cold and rainy days, and it would take away the obstacles of having to find find free rooms for alternative classes to take place. However, present drawbacks need to be acknowledged. Marymount has been built on a national park, the Parco di Veio. This implies that any wild or green life present on the grounds in and around the Marymount campus is under the protection of the government. According to the law no facilities or buildings may be built on the free grounds; additional structures are forbidden, so any remodelling or building need to be performed on already existing facilities. Therefore, as it is of now, building a gym is practically impossible.


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