Day 2: Welcome to Zambia


In Johannesburg

After the long flight from Frankfurt, we had arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa. Because we are arrived at 7 am, we only had a light breakfast and slept at the gate for our next flight to Livingstone. The next flight was relatively short compared to the last and the captain was very kind to point out any interesting sights and we were even able to view the Victoria Falls. However, after landing, our peaceful journey had become more stressful when we had a few issues with visas and Arrigo’s luggage was lost after taking a trip to Tel Aviv.


After landing in Livingstone

Sister Lelia picked us up from the airport and we stopped to change our money and to have something to eat. After that, we travelled 2 hours to Choma, during which we were able to enjoy the full Blood Moon. In Choma, we found out that our Lodge had given our rooms to someone else, and so, we had to find another Lodge. However, the new Lodge did not have enough rooms for all eight of us, so Maddi and Špela stayed at the convent with sister Lelia.




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