Day 3: Our First Full Taste of Zambia

Today was our first full day in Zambia, and it started with a nice breakfast at our lodge with eggs, sausages, toast, cereal and traditional tea. After our filling meal, Sister Lelia picked us up with her pick-up truck, in which all students sat in the open back, enjoying the Zambian experience. Our aim was to visit all 3 schools (Kalunda Ka Maria, the Day Center, St. Mulumba) school and to get a sense of orientation as well as an idea of what our schedule for the following days should look like. Our first stop was at St. Mulumba, the school for the blind, the deaf, and the intellectually impaired. We were introduced to many of the teachers, were shown around campus, and also made friends with some of the students. Next off was our Marymount sister school Kalunda Ka Maria, a school a memorable drive across the bumpy Zambian roads. The students were excited to see us and greeted us with hugs and smiles! The day center was our last stop, and again, here we were introduced to the local volunteers and the few students that were still at the center. We played the game of concentration with them, which they all really enjoyed 🙂

At the day center

After this tiring day, we all fell asleep after, of course, watching the football games Germany-Northern Ireland and Spain-Croatia. All in all, already a great experience here!


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