Day 4: Lots of Smiles

Today we split into smaller groups to visit the various schools and the day center. In the morning, Selina and Marta went to the day center and played with primary school children affected by HIV/AIDS either because they have the virus itself or because their parents or family members have contracted the virus or passed away from it. The bubble wands were a great success as well as the coloring books. To our surprise the volunteers at the center were writing down everything we brought to them and were also taking pictures of us playing.

Following that, we all went to Kalunda Ka Maria, which is the school named after Marymount. We split into pairs and went to different classrooms. Arrigo and Selina went to the pre-schoolers and sang nursery song like the “hokey pokey” and “head shoulder knees and toes”. They also played “duck duck goose” and with various toys we had brought. Daniel and Maddi went to 1st grade and played various games such as “Simon says,” “tag,” and “Pictionary.”


Špela and Marta went to the 3rd grade class and to their surprise there were 70 students in a small classroom with broken benches and just one teacher. They taught them a little bit of math and played various games.

After that, we went to eat lunch which consisted of fish, chicken or rice and delicious fries.
In the afternoon, we went to St. Mulumba, where we played with the visually, intellectually, and hearing impaired children. We played with the bubble wands, frisbees, and flag football among others.

Playing flag football

Once we left St. Mulumba, it was time to go to dinner. Sr. Lelia came to pick us up with her pick up truck and we got to see the African night sky from the back of the truck. Daniel showed us Mars, Jupiter, the Southern Cross, Saturn and a nebula around Scorpio. Once we got there, we had dinner consisting of nchima, which is a typical Zambian dish, as well as eggplant, broccoli, bacon, and potatoes. Dessert was fried bananas, mango cream and hazelnut ice cream. After we went back to the lodge on the back of the truck and saw even more stars.
We look forward to having more fun tomorrow.



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