Day 6: Shortened Lineup

Even though Marta and Selina went on their own adventure to Chivuna, the rest of us had a busy day back in Choma.


After breakfast, we went to Kalunda Ka Maria, where the kids welcomed us with literal open arms, giving us plenty of hugs. Then, we were separated into smaller groups, so that we could play age appropriate activities. Špela played clapping games with the preschoolers, while Arrigo played soccer with the first graders.


Maddi, Daniel, and Ms. Hallam played kickball with the rest of the kids. Ms. Sayger also threw an impromptu dance party with the younger children. When we had to leave, we were all smothered with hugs until we got into the taxis.


After lunch Arrigo was not feeling well, and so, left for the lodge with Ms. Sayger. The rest of us, Daniel, Maddi, Špela, and Ms. Hallam, left for St. Mulumba’s school. There, we made more paper mache and enjoyed communicating with the hearing impaired, learning many new signs.



One comment

  1. It looks like you are all having an amazing time and that the trip is going smoothly. We are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. Keep up the good work!
    Ms. Fedha


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