Day 6: St. Joseph’s School in Chivuna

Today Selina and I (Marta), went to St. Joseph’s High School in Chivuna. We woke up bright and early to get on the road for our two and a half hour trip through rural Zambia. We saw many types of farm animals roaming around and crossing the road as Sr. Lelia told us about Zambian culture and habits. We were sad to see little boys that should have been in school caring for babies, watching the animals, and directing the oxen that were carrying a wagon. We were also surprised to see the lack of safety. We saw little children riding on the backs of trucks on very bumpy dirt roads as well as small villages of mud huts.

Once we got there we were greeted by the sisters at the convent where we had a little snack. After, we went to see the school and sat in a biology and english literature class. The girls were all very enthusiastic to learn and we also saw them act out their play during the literature class. They took us around the school and we saw the pig pen, cows, and garden. We were amazed to see a cow getting gutted and the girls telling us how that was normal for them. After that, we had an open discussion with the 12th graders. We got to ask them questions and they asked us questions. The main topics were the major cultural differences such as the age of the population, hobbies, school, and our families.

Once we had finished the discussion, we went back to the convent and ate lunch with the two sisters. It consisted of chicken, vegetables, and yellow rice with a delicious tomato sauce.
Then, we went back to the school to say bye to the girls because it was time to head back to Choma. Shortly after, we got back on the bumpy dirt road and saw even more animals like donkeys, turkeys, oxen, pigs, and cows, among others. We arrived in Choma at a perfect time, right before it got dark so we had a shower and a snack. 

After, we gathered with everyone else to discuss the day and play Catchphrase. It was a very exciting and fun game and a nice way to end the day.


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