Day 7: Last Day at St. Mulumba

Today was unfortunately our last day in Choma. We moved lodges again, and thus were up quite early. After our usual, filling breakfast, we were off to the lodge by foot, since not all of us fit in the van along with all of our suitcases.
After arriving and sorting things out for our last night in Choma, all the students and Ms. Sayger set off to St.Mulumba to finish the paper mache painting and for a final, nice day with the children. Ms. Hallam, on the other hand, set off on a Zambian journey to arrange our breakfast, our bus tickets for the following day, and finalize all bookings for the night.

The morning at St.Mulumba was spent painting the paper mache, playing basketball, communicating with the blind, painting nails and generally socializing and playing with the kids one final time.

Unfortunately, after a bit, it was time for their lunch, and ours as well. After our usual stay at the museum and the traditional food served, we decided to go back to the school to say our goodbyes. Despite the sadness it brought, it was nice to see that many children remembered our names and that they enjoyed the last game of flag football!
The night was spent together in a room listing and pondering over the pros, the cons, as well as improvements for the trip. We had fun with multiple games that followed, until everyone went to sleep to be fit in the next morning at 6!!!


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