Day 9: The Time We Almost Lost Ms. Sayger

Today was our first full day in Livingstone and it was absolutely great! We woke up early for some breakfast at Fawlty Towers hotel, and immediately set off, with the shuttle to the Victoria Falls on the Zambian side. After hiking down for 15 minutes, we were able to see a beautiful view of the bridge connecting Zimbabwe and Zambia as well as wonderful parts of nature. After the tough hike back up, we took the photographic path toward the bridge on which we took several pictures. We also went upstream, and to our surprise saw a crocodile posing on a rock only 10 meters from the actual fall! On our way back, Ms. Sayger accidentally stepped on a baby baboon carcass and almost got attacked by baboons! After that shocker, we took the walk and tour which involved us getting all wet, but it was totally worth the view!
We had lunch at a resort close by which had nice traditional, live Zambian music and delicious food, filling our hungry stomachs. We decided to cross the border to Zimbabwe after that, since we had heard that it had the better views of the falls. To our astonishment, the view on that side was simply amazing!


Our pictures turned out to be amazing, and the tour itself as well! We got extremely wet, however everyone was of the idea that it was absolutely worth it! Selina fell at the danger point of the falls, and we were almost locked into the park since it was close to its closing time, but we made it back safely to our hotel. We rushed to our rooms for a nice warm shower and immediately set off for dinner at the usual restaurant to support Italy in the football game against Spain!!! The day was all in all great!



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