Day 11: Leaving Zambia

Unfortunately today was our last day in beautiful Zambia. To start the day well and memorable, we went to our usual cafè to have a filling breakfast varying from bacon and eggs, to brownies, to fruits and to rice and vegetables. We all enjoyed our last stay at the café. Nevertheless, once we were done, many of us wanted to visit the market to bring some souvenirs back home to our friends and family. The time was very short, since we still had to get our luggage into a taxi and drive to the airport for our flight to Johannesburg. Our decision correspondingly was to rush to the market for 20 minutes. We took 2 taxis that waited for us there and later brought us to our luggage to finally drive to the airport.
The students rushed from store to store to bargain their souvenirs and buy something traditional for their family members and friends. After many of us had our hands filled with statues, shirts or necklaces, the taxis rushed us to get our luggage from the hotel and then finally to the airport.
We had more time for souvenirs at the airport, where we spent our last Quachas (Zambian currency). However, not long after, we were boarding and ready for Ms. Hallam and Ms. Sayger’s great surprise for every single one of us. A small, personal, and funny souvenir for every student.
Our flight went by fast, and before we knew it, we were already in Johannesburg. We had hours of transit at the airport, where we ate, bought more things and just roamed around. Unfortunately, we realized after a while that our flight was delayed for 3 hours and that we would have to wait even longer. But we had just as much fun!!!
The night was spent watching movies and sleeping on the plane.


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