Day 12: Back in Rome

Our delayed flight from Johannesburg shortened the layover in Frankfurt by almost three hours. However, it did maie us a bit nervous because we still had to go through customs, check in for the flight, and go through security. In the end, we made it to our gate right on time. The flight from Frankfurt to Rome was quite uneventful, except for the omnious feeling ofthe end of our trip.

After landing in Rome, we still had to wait for our luggage. To all of our surprise and luck, all of our bags arrived!

After gettibg our bags we exited thr transit area and walked into tue welcoming arms of our parents. Their welcome was bittersweet because it meant that our trip had officially come to an end. Even worse, we had to say goodbye to Ms. Hallam, who is moving back to the United States, after getting to know her so well.

This trip was in the making from the end of last year’s trip. All of the efforts of the Zambia Committee and the school staff and student body allowed us to bring gifts to the children of St. Mulumba’s school, Kalunda Ka Maria, and the Day centre. While you were not able to experience the gratitude exerted by the RSHM sisters, the teachers, and students, our hearts were forever touched and the memories of this trip will always be fondly remembered.


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