No Way Norway!

By: Francesca S.

It’s now fall, days are becoming shorter, temperatures are falling, and nature is getting ready for the northern lights, so let’s pack our bags and head to Norway!

Norway is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to as it is has a lot to offer and is a great place for travellers who love urban context. Firstly, there is the open museum (literally), Vigeland Park, where works of Gustav Vigeland are exhibited. The artist was very interested in the theme of life, of that of moving on, so as you walk through the park you find yourself capturing the story of life, from the beginning all the way until the end. The many museums, about Vikings or Arctic explorations, will make you wish you could have been there to witness them – you are brought back years and years and can appreciate the fact you probably won’t ever experience that same cold again! What you cannot miss in Oslo is a boat trip that brings you in the Oslofjord, most often the boats have a bar, so you can enjoy a warm drink, while the you are caught in cold wind, and the view will sweeten the deal. You’ll be surprised by how many houses you can find on such a little island. You should finish off your day at the Opera House, a modern architectural building, a perfect place to enjoy the sunset (and capture Instagram-worthy photos). Oslo’s central neighbourhood offers many restaurants, my favourite was Egon Nordstrand, a delicious steakhouse with a rustic atmosphere.

Moving out of the cities, a must-visit is anywhere above the Arctic Circle. Tromso is one of the most commonly chosen ones, along with Bodo or Nordkapp (North Cape). In winter, it is given if not imperative to go on a Northern Lights Safari, where a local guide, brings you inland and away from the town to then settle and enjoy the celestial show. In Tromso, there are museums to visit that focus on the preservation of the indigenous peoples of the Sami.

If you are a travel foodie, make sure to taste the fresh seafood available in all restaurants, as well as new meats;they offer moose and deer meat. Norwegian food is said to be very healthy, the cold weather becomes a pesticide for fruits and vegetables – and high-quality food from modest farms can be found in the supermarket near you!

All in all, Norway is a wonderful place to visit in winter. Make sure to pack warm clothes, a camera, and your sense of wanderlust!


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