Semester at Sea

By: Alice M.

Imagine this: you are sitting in a classroom (okay… and?), this classroom is on a boat, and while studying and taking notes on the subjects you have personally chosen, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset over the Indian Ocean or maybe gaze at the magnificence of the Baltic islands.

If you think that this is only a dream… well… you are wrong!

It is an overseas exchange program, called semester at sea (SAS), where a college student is offered a global comparative opportunity education. Semester At Sea takes place in the Fall (from September to December) around the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean or in the spring (from January to April). If this is not enough incentive, each subject you choose will have an excursion (called Field Lab) to a specific country that can easily relate to the topic you are studying: for example, if you are analysing Greek history, your professor might select a visit to the Parthenon, so that you can see what it was like living as an ancient Greek with your own eyes.

Doesn’t this sound so cool?

Well, if you select to embark on the Spring Semester you will visit most of Asia’s important cities and countries: from Shanghai to Hong Kong, to Vietnam…

The negative (or positive?) thing of studying on a boat is Wi-Fi. In fact the ship does not have Wi-Fi, but it was a choice made by the association, in order to eliminate any virtual friendships and strengthen the new relationSHIPS 😉 you will create. However despite not having internet to navigate on, there are plentitude of activities you can find on-board. There is a Ballroom Dancing Club, where students are given the opportunity to learn the basics of Latin dances, and there is even a basketball court. Nevertheless, the program is very strict, and like all colleges if you don’t study, there are few chances you will pass the exams.

Semester at Sea is a great opportunity to participate in a totally unique and different experience; it is a way to open your mind to new cultures and perspectives.


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