How Beautiful

By: Pasquale Zinzi

Cloudy, probable rain, 700 towards the Vatican, none with an umbrella.

How Beautiful

Where are the apples? No coffee break at 9:30, instead an apple.

How Beautiful

One of our tallest female students with a cross leads the march, her father a poet of song, looking through the clouds,

proud of his daughter.

How Beautiful

100 blue robes walking towards their “unbroken praise” on a day of celebration and joy.

How Beautiful

Along the straight lines, I was able to diverge, steal photographs of groups, a lady policeman noticed my enthusiasm and asked me to be in one of them, she took the picture with my camera.

How Beautiful

The day was inspiring, the light filtered by cloud, the rain created puddles. I reflected the cupola in one of them. The wet ground textured the cobble stone, I laid my camera on the ground. I shot the procession from a different perspective.

How Beautiful

I noticed that some of our female faculty and staff had done something special with their hair, many were cascading like our schedule.

How Beautiful

While in church a young man that should have been at least 80 approach me.  We had both been drinking holy water. Father, now priest, Paul ,introduced himself as the former headmaster of the now defunct Notre Dame High School. Notre Dame in 1992 close without warning disorientating their students. They all came to Marymount where a visionary Ann Marie gave them a place to mourn and resurge. Father Paul ask me about his “old timers”, a once obsession of a former headmistress, Maria: Terry, Gia, Priscilla remain here from Paul’s past.

How Beautiful

At school, former alumni and staff gather around an icon of Marymount history: Sr. Brigit. Her headmistress at Paris justify her unavoidable presence. She, as I, had been born in the same borough of New York, the Bronx, not a coincidence for those not itinerant.

How Beautiful

The day was reaching its “remains”, those still left at 3:30, the gazebo covering the patio created another filtered light effect, I took some final pictures in front of the anniversary balloons and left.

How Beautiful

The next day America decided to push the words of Nobel Prize winner to a limit, though our choirmaster Kirby may stay because of it, still, “The Donald”, and not the Duck but the Trump, became the President of the United States of America, the same that he claims to make great again…How Pompous.

How Ugly!

“…the times they are a changin’…”


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