Rome Relieving Refugees

By: Alice M

Marymount International School has always made an attempt to help those in need, and most of the time it has successfully assisted necessitous people. Last year, a group of tenth and ninth graders created the “Outreach to Rome” Club (OTR) whose objective is to help the people who live in Rome. Also, thanks to the Zambia Club, every year, students help raising money for people (especially students) who live in undermined areas in Africa and have made regular donations to our sister schools in Zambia. Thus, every summer, some selected students go to Zambia to visit those schools that the Marymount community raised money for, not only to see the progress that we have made, but also to get in touch with a totally different reality from the one which we are accustomed to. Also, Marymount International School is well connected to the Caritas Colle Oppio Soup Kitchen. Students, teachers, and parents are encouraged to volunteer once a month to feed the needy. These are all great opportunities to connect and give assistance to those people who need material and monetary help but might even just need a person to talk to.

Moreover, Marymount is doing a food drive to the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) this year. Every day, we watch the news and see thousands of refugees arriving in Italy. Most of the time, they lose everything during their perilous journey to safety, so they don’t even have money to buy food, clothes, water, housing or health-care. The JRS helps them with their basic needs, and guides them to become legal residents of Rome so they can find jobs and houses. The JRS operates a soup kitchen where they serve meals to over 400 hungry refugees every day. JRS has told us that their mensa depends on our contributions to feed the refugees throughout the year.

Marymount and the JRS are working together to facilitate the needs of refugees around us. With the help of the student body and generous donors we know that we have made hundreds of people’s lives easier, and when your goal is to respond to the needs of our time, that’s all that really matters.


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