Top 6 Wildest Moments During the American Election

By: Dubem M

  1. “Birdie” Sanders

It was like something out of a Disney movie. During a song, animals from the nearby forest approach listening to the beautiful voice of the young lady. Nobody expected that something like that would happen during a presidential campaign speech. While Bernie Sanders was making his speech, a small bird gracefully perched at his feet. A few seconds later, if flew onto his podium on his sign saying “A future to believe in”. After about 40 seconds of uproar and celebration from the crowd, Bernie accepted that the bird may be “symbolism” and everyone should view it as a dove “asking us for world peace”.

  1. “Donagle” Trump

So now we have one former candidate with nature on his side, but we also have another who is not so lucky. According to a video posted on Time Magazine’s Youtube Channel, during Trump’s photoshoot for “Person of the Year”, his co-star, a full grown American bald eagle called Uncle Sam, repeatedly beat at him with his wings and angrily pecked at his fingers. At every opportunity, Uncle Sam would flip Trump’s hair, peck at his fingers, hit him with his wings, and try to dive off his hand. According to BusnessInsider, that interviewed Uncle Sam’s handler, Jonathan Wood, Uncle Sam was especially cranky that day. Furthermore, once Trump recoiled in fear, the eagle was set on claiming his “territory”. In response to the biting, the handler said that Uncle Sam has never bit anyone in the 20 years they have been together. Understandably, Trump was terrified and after the photoshoot was done, proclaimed that he would “never do that again”, no matter how the pictures turned out.

  1. Trump’s Muslim Tag and Ban

Of all of Trump’s future “policies”, this one cause by far the most discontent. Trump has been called a fascist many times, but when he announced that he planned to force all Muslims to wear a tag identifying them as Muslims, he received a lot of backlash. People compared him to Hitler and Hitler’s identification of Jews. Conforming to his usual routine, Trump later refused to acknowledge that he ever said anything of the sort.

This event falls in line of many other scenes like this one. Trump has made a name for himself for bashing and insulting Mexicans openly and proudly, but when the consequences come back around he pulls a “Bieber”. He reiterates that he “never said that” or that its flat out “wrong” though he has been filmed making these remarks many times.

  1. Clinton’s Hot Sauce and “Meme-age”

Clinton’s most critical voters, the millennials and black voters, have always seemed to be out of touch with the statute lady, so she attempted to show her connection to these demographics by trying to use “slang” and create ties with prominent figures in young lives. One of the most prominent and blatant examples of this was when she was asked what she always has in her purse. She responded “hot sauce” as a reference to Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” which had just been released at the time. Though the radio interviewer laughed, he did point out her obvious attempt to appeal to black voters, to which she responded, “Is it working?”. She has been blasted on Twitter and other social media for not using her policies and desires for the future as her spearhead in the campaign, but can she be blamed? Her biggest competitor at the time was not using policies and was biting at her heels. She needed another card to increase the distance, so in my opinion, meme on Hillary! It may not have worked this time, but you’ll get them the next time.

  1. Sanders drops out and encourages his supports to vote “Hillary”

Though Bernie Sanders was not incredibly popular among the American population in general, he did have millennial votes on his side. His demographic was young adults and college students which, it turns out, is not enough to become the Democratic representative. When it became apparent that he was not going to win the position, he reluctantly dropped out. Then, in a surprising turn of events, he announced that his voters should not be discouraged about his loss and that they should vote for Hillary, his competitor. He focused on saying how bad America could become with Trump as a president and that Hillary was the only person who could beat him. Bernie even later campaigned with Hillary (though he seemed quite unhappy) and openly voted for her.

  1. Trump being “welcomed” at the White House

Usually, the initial welcome of the new President is a happy event with cheers and clapping, but the exact opposite happened when Trump was welcomed. Though Trump openly welcomed his to his soon-to-be home in the White House, the White House was not even half as jolly. None of them were smiling and one was even in tears. Pictures of the solemn faces went viral on social media as ever-growing “evidence” about Trump’s negative standing among society. People were hardly surprised at their reaction but the unanimous response to his victory is palpable.


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