Is Technology Messing with your Health?


By: Arna M

We can all admit that technology is a great aid in our everyday lives. Whether we are calling our friends, navigating around town, or posting a picture of our dog on Instagram, we strangely feel safer and happier with our phones by our side.  

But when will we acknowledge that something we rely on so heavily could actually be a danger to our health?

Did you know that watching videos of cute cats can seriously alter your body’s natural form? When you tilt your head 60 degrees to look down on your phone, studies show that you put 60 pounds of pressure on your neck. That’s a lot for your neck to handle. Plus, making a habit of sitting by a computer all day in the wrong posture causes discomfort, straining of the eyes, and, worst-case scenario, potential joint dysfunction.

That’s not all.

Imagine this. Throughout the day, you’re constantly touching things. You hold onto the handrail of the stairs, pull on door handles, and shake other people’s hands. And what do you do between each of these actions? That’s right… You touch your phone. All of those foreign germs build up on your screen and make a home of your phone. Gross.

Excessive use of technology not only alters your body and is extremely unsanitary, but can also bring along psychological issues.

Sleep is vital in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, but could your phone be wrecking your chances of a good sleep pattern? Research shows that the glowing blue light emitted from screens, specifically right before bedtime, fools your body into thinking it’s daytime, delaying the time when you fall asleep.

Additionally, today’s society has become so reliant on technology, that it just doesn’t seem right to leave the house (or do anything for that matter) without our phones. Hence, excessive use of our phones, specifically for social media, can increase stress levels and potentially cause some anxiety. At the end of the day, all that googling takes its toll, as you may suffer from serious withdrawal.

For some, all of this may be completely new information, for others, it might not be. Bottom line is, you can change little things about your lifestyle to avoid technology’s affect on your health. Sit up straight and hold your phone up. Remember to wash your hands and perhaps wipe down your phone with a sanitary towelette from time to time. Turn off your phone or computer an hour before bedtime. Most importantly, spend some time away. From. The screen.

Even better? Read a book, take a walk, visit some friends, do yoga, draw, or paint. The possibilities are endless!

You don’t have to remove your phone from your life. Just don’t let your phone become your life!


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