Corny Gets Corny… or CorniER in This Case

By: Kristen O.

Hey there teenage Baltimore (or anywhere else in the world where you’re reading this), don’t change that website, ‘cause it’s time for the Corny Collins show! ❤

Anxiety, nerves, excitement and well, adrenaline. Those were a just a few of the things going through my body that opening night.

So you might have read my past article on the spring musical “The Wiz”, called “The Stage Managers of Oz”, and if you haven’t, you should… just because… it’s fun?

Ok, so this year, I got an acting role in the secondary school musical Hairspray. I was Ms. Corny Collins, and I had “the latest greatest Baltimore sound”. Ultimately, alongside  the excitement and joy of being Corny Collins came the unanticipated fear and adrenaline of having to perform in front of people you know, people you don’t know, pretty much people in general. I have been waiting for this moment since forever; I have my own lines and I get to sing my song, and I’m not just an extra singer in the background. I was not going to let this part just slip away.

Two months of preparation and then opening night comes, and I go crazy, but not necessarily in the worst way possible. The minute I heard “places” and had to get ready for the first song, my heart started pounding like when a kid pounds on the tic tac box to remove that very last tic tac that’s stuck at the very bottom. It was probably the worst and best feeling in the world. I was shaking and I couldn’t control it; it was something riveting and exhilarating and I wish I could relive it all over again. Alrighty, well back on track, so after the very first song I knew that my song was up next, I had about 3 seconds backstage to push through everyone and get ready to prove to myself that I could do it and well maybe slow down the excessive heartbeats. It feels great. I might not be describing it with the glory and justice it deserves, but trust me, it really is an amazing feeling. Being on stage with some pretty amazing people with lights flashing in your eyes and the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious orchestra on our front right. It was all just so thrilling. I was up on that stage with talented people, some of which I’m lucky to call my bestfriends. The entire experience was just pretty amazing I must say, then again who doesn’t want to play a pro-integration, bubbly, yellow-dressed, girl-who-is-actually-originally-a-guy?


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