Is social media stealing all your time?

By: Charlie P.

Nowadays in 2017, most of teenagers have smart phones with social networking medias like Facebook and Instagram. Some of them, will also spend hours of time just to see or “like” other people’s posts. Also, people tend to check their social medias daily so that they don’t miss any news from others or to make sure to not to get excluded from their friends.

Social media is great but you should be aware of the time spent on them. Social media keeps track of your friends’ life, gives you opportunity to find other friends, and also lets you find people who share the same interest. However, as the quantity of social media companies start to increase, people seem to spend more time on them because they have more platforms to check on. Statistics reveal that people spend on average 40 minutes on Youtube, 35 minutes on Facebook, 25 minutes on Snapchat, 15 minutes on Instagram, and 1 minute on Twitter. That is approximately 2 hours of your daily life! You might think that 2 hours is not that much of a big deal, but imagine spending 2 hours everyday for the next 5 or 10 years. It would not only bring negative health effects but also take away time that could be used to do other meaningful things.

Constant use of social media could possibly damage the user’s eyes by looking at the screen for a long time, and it could also make you tired because they can be a big source of distraction when you try to go to sleep. So instead of spending 2 hours on social media, you could spend you time more meaningfully by maybe learning a new musical instrument or trying out for the school’s varsity sports team. If you want to improve your grades, you could even spend time to revise the stuffs you’ve learned from school.

Tips that could make you decrease some time spent on social media:

  •      Set a timer: Since you do not have to completely take away social media from your life, you can set a timer of about 30 minutes to constrain yourself from keep on looking at the screen
  •      Find fun on other stuffs: As mentioned before, you could try new activities that could also let you find your passions. By doing more activities, the time going to social media is naturally going to drop unless you are going to sleep less, which is highly recommended.
  •      Execute the extremes: If you really find it difficult to constrain yourself and are willing to stop using social medias, completely block yourself from every possibility. You could delete social media apps and your accounts so that you get them out of your mind. You could even give your phone to your parents

so that you will not even think about social medias.

Although social medias are useful and fun to use, I suggest reducing some time spent on social media because they can cause health problems and they might take away truly valuable opportunities from your life. Also, remember that there are many actions that could be done by you to reduce the time spent on social media!


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