What to do in Slovenia?

By: Špela K.

There are practically infinite things to do in Slovenia; the activities that you do depend on your interests. While there are literally thousands of different activities to do every season, this list includes mainly summer activities.

For the Romantic

Travel to the Bled island on a vintage ferry called “pletna” and marvel at the gothic and baroque architecture of the Church of the Assumption.

The capital city of Ljubljana is also a good spot for romantics; it has even been called “Smaller Venice” and there are plenty of bridges for you to sigh on.

For the Foodie

While you can expect good food anywhere you turn in Slovenia, if you are a food fanatic, you must visit the seaside to see how sea-salt is made.

In Goričko you can taste some great wine (which is present also by the seaside) and something a bit more unusual: pumpkin seed oil! It is a great dressing on salads, and the chefs there know how to incorporate into many foods so that you will be amazed.

For the History Nerd

You can find ancient Roman remains in Ljubljana, Ptuj, Celje … But something that makes traveling so much more fun for history buffs is that cities like Ljubljana and Celje also have some great medieval castles. In Celje there is also an annual medieval festival at the end of August. If you are a really big fan of castles, you should also visit the Predjama castle. It is built right at the mouth of a cave!

For the Sports Junkie

While Slovenia does not have too many rivers, the ones that are there are breath-taking . You can rafting on the Soča river with its crystal water or enjoy hiking the Julian Alps; the views are amazing.

In the karst region you can become an explorer and uncover crystal lakes of the underground and animals specific to karst caves like the Proteus. If you want to challenge yourself, you can sign up for the Red Bull 400 run up one of the largest ski flying hills in the world.

If you didn’t find at least one activity that you liked, then you need to get your priorities straight. You should always be up for food! It is a survival instinct anyways, but when it’s delicious, it’s even better.


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