Here’s the (simplified) big deal between America and North Korea

By Alice M.

Rome (MP)- North Korea’s relations with America have always been very tense and the two countries have always had their ups and downs… But with the election of American president, Donald Trump, things are starting to be even more complicated. In the last few years, people worry that tensions could lead to an inevitable war. The scariest thing is that the nuclear weapons that the two countries posses and the fact that both Trump and Kim Jong-un are not afraid of using it. As a matter of fact, on January 6th 2016, North Korea conducted one of their first nuclear test and Jong-un also announced that scientists were working on making these weapons even more sophisticated. Trump (and the entire globe I guess), worried that North Korea’s missiles may be used against America on April 25th 2017, sent the most advanced and powerful navy’s cargos containing missiles. North Korea’s dictator responded by saying that his nation will turn America “into ashes” and many observers believes that he will going to conduct its sixth nuclear test (according to online website “VOX”). But, here is the good news: despite all the threats there is still no clear evidence that tensions between the two countries might result in a war. However, North Korea could easily use nuclear weapons against Japan or China where most of America’s troops are stationed and therefore annihilate it. This could result in a incredible loss for America, as it would put Americans troops directly in harm’s way. The missile that is supposed to put the USA in danger is called the “Taepodong-2”, which is a bigger version of the ones that America and Russia currently have and used during the Cold War. Though, North Korea’s “super missile” doesn’t work…

Here’s why:

First of all, they don’t know how they will deliver the bomb to USA. Certainly, one possibility is that they might drop it from an airplane but it will likely be dropped down before the actual target. The most effective way would be to attach it to a missile but due to the large proportions of the nuclear weapon, North Korea doesn’t possess large enough missles and it might take years before scientists and engineers actually construct the ICBM (Inter Continental Ballistic Missile). Also, in order for a the Taepedong to work, the government needs to do different testing which not only take time but also money (3 of the 5 trials carried out failed by the way).

So in reality North Korea doesn’t have the tools to send a massive missile to America yet. The US government, nonetheless, found that North Korea might have the ICBM done by 2027 and also believes that North Korea posses the most sophisticated and efficient nuclear weapons the world has ever seen, making the nuclear bomb small enough to fit on the Teapodong-2.

Lastly, during his speeches in front of the entire nation, Kim Jong Un frequently showed his viewers the missiles and nuclear weapons that North Korea owns. This is why countries such as Japan, China or South Korea are not stopping North Korea from producing and testing such nuclear weapons because it’s missiles are in their radar and could easily destroy such countries.

Lesson learned? Never underestimate small countries, as Trump said Kim Jong-Un is “a pretty smart cookie.”


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