4 Things you should know about Trips Beyond Classroom Borders

By: Arna M.

Just a couple weeks ago, on an early Tuesday morning, the eyes of half-asleep teenagers were suddenly opened wide when Ms. Mingazzini announced the presentation of ‘Trips Beyond Classroom Borders’. There’s something about secondary school students and field trips that creates chemistry like no other pair.

So without further ado, here are the 4 amazing trips that will be introduced in the coming year.

  1. On the Brazil trip, you will do service for the ‘Father Gailhac Life Project’, aiding children and adolescents in vulnerable situations.
    The upcoming trip to Belo Horizonte, organised by Ms. Sayger, is the first of its kind ever offered by Marymount. The trips’ aim is to formulate intercontinental relationships between students in the RSHM network, and exclusively set up an exchange program between the two. Belo Horizonte offers an opportune service component, whilst not only exposing students to English speaking students, but giving them the ability to help adolescents in vulnerable conditions thought the Father Gailhac Life Project. The project allows adolescents to escape poverty, gangs and orphanhood and join together in a safe place to do activities and make memories that last a lifetime.
  2. On the Stratford-Upon-Avon trip, you get to explore the world of Shakespeare.
    In the birthplace of Shakespeare, Stratford-Upon-Avon, students interested in literature and theatre will be given the opportunity to unlock the language of his plays and develop a greater understanding and enjoyment of his plays, with the help of professionals from the Royal Shakespeare Company. On the trip, with Ms. Spadaro and a group of approximately 30 students, you will work as a team in workshops, engage in theatre and cinema evenings, and explore the enchanting area of Stratford.
  3. In Galapagos, you will experience nature like never before:
    With around 10 students already signed up, a group of 30 students along with Ms. De Paoli and 4 other teachers, you will explore the earth in an unforgettable environment and develop an everlasting appreciation for culture. Students will be involved in activities such as sailing, snorkelling and kayaking, visit eye-capturing UNESCO world heritage sites and observe rare species, which exist in no other place. The group will also be doing community service to restore the habitat of the vulnerable Galapagos tortoise, as a way to give back to the community during their 10-day stay.
  4. On the France and Belgium trip, visit some of the most famous battlefields of the World Wars.
    Due to the approaching 100 year anniversary of World War I, it seemed extremely fitting to engage history students in a trip which serves to not only commemorate the lost lives of the event but seen and learn about this event which heavily influenced the world we live in today. The respectable way in which these sites rich in history have been maintained is definitely worthy of visiting, and additionally extremely relevant to the western civilisation and IB history syllabuses. Ms. Ni Riordain dedicates the trip to remembering the huge sacrifice of lives during the Great War, a necessary thought especially in our modern context.

What are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate to sign up for one of the trips on http://www.marymountrome.org/base.php?code=1027.


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