Day 1: Leaving

By: Marta A.

Day 1: Leaving

After months of planning the big day had finally arrived, Saturday 17th of June, the day we were departing Rome from Fiumicino Airport to go to Choma, Zambia. First, we went to Amsterdam, then to Nairobi, then to Livingstone and then to Choma. Throughout these past few months, with the help of the students in the Zambia Committee and some teachers, we have been raising money and collecting toys to bring to the students in Zambia. Soon, we were going to be distributing the toys and seeing the children, which made us really excited.

At 12:30, we, 5 students and 2 teachers, were all at the Alitalia check-in with our 14 suitcases. Thankfully, it all went smoothly, and we soon boarded our first flight to Amsterdam, which officially marked the start of our trip.

After a two and a half hour flight, we got to Amsterdam and had some food at the Starbucks and Burger King. Then we waited about half an hour to board our next flight to Nairobi, which was going to be the longest flight of our trip. This brought us a step closer to being in Zambia, a country which we were eager to get to.


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