Day 2: Heading to Zambia

By: Martina I.

4 AM.

The lights on the plane to Nairobi, Kenya, are turned on. “Good morning! Would you like coffee or tea?” The crew greets us with cheerful voices which sound empty coming from their emotionless faces. The breakfast is low-key passable, even worse according to Mrs Spadaro, who denounces the disgustingness of the “tea”. Not to worry, in the 3 hours and a half of transit at Nairobi airport, she manages to find something much closer to proper English tea, while most of us sit down, exhausted after 2 long flights.

“Plane to Livingstone delayed by 30 minutes” Great. After 3 more hours of failing attempts at sleeping (at least for most of us) we land in Zambia. At the airport, sisters from St. Mulumba Special School welcome us warmly, hugging even the ones of us they hadn’t met before. Then, we walked towards our means of transportation to reach Choma, our destination, which to our surprise is the school bus MMI has bought for St. Mulumba this past year. While there are only 7 of us (including the teachers) we still manage to fill up almost all the seats with our endless sea of luggage (mostly toys and clothing for the schools).

3 more hours in the bus are spent half looking at the surrounding rural area of Zambia (the part which I saw was beautiful) but mostly snoozing. We arrive at Leon’s Lodge after a trip that lasted over 24 hours, and hardly have the time to unload our luggage before we board the bus again to find dinner. The supermarket is closed, but we manage to find a “Super 7” (a Zambian version of 7/11 we assume) next to a gas station, a kebab place and a pizzeria ( which together comprise a significant percentage of the whole town of Choma.) We buy our dinner and walk back to our lodge, where we eat dinner together in one of our rooms surrounded by an infinity of packed toys and clothing ready to be unpacked and arranged by the school. After dinner, we do just that and don’t count how many hours it takes. Hopefully, tomorrow the children’s happiness when receiving new toys will have made it worth it.


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