Day 3: First full day in Zambia

By: Marta A.

Today, we went to Kalunda Ka Maria in the morning, which is a school in the less fortunate side of Choma. We brought the toys to them and recorded exactly what we brought. Then we went to a 4th grade classroom where they were learning about weaving. They also performed the national anthem for us, which was really impressive.

Afterwards we went to the bank to change our money into Kwacha (the local currency). We later had lunch at a café close to St. Mulumba, which is the special school we went to after we finished eating.

At St. Mulumba, we played with the children and took pictures with them. A few of us also went to a visually impaired classroom where we learnt how to write our names in Braille. There we also gave them some games and toys the 8th grade maker class had made. The children really enjoyed the game and told us how much they appreciated that we thought about them as special children are usually left behind. At 16:30, we left and went to the Spar to buy food for the night, as well as various notebooks for the children at Kalunda Ka Maria, as the ones they had were often torn.

Tomorrow, we will be visiting the day center, which is for children affected by HIV/AIDS and delivering toys to them!


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