Day 4: St Mulumba and Day Center 

By: Martina I.

8 am.

We wake up for our second full day of visits. We start with a brief visit to St Mulumba, just long enough to give the kids time to reach the Day Center, which we will visit next. At St Mulumba, we enter the classroom for the visually impaired and give the children the toys made by our students in the FabLab. To our surprise, the children learn each new game extremely quickly, barely needing the instructions. Marta continues her struggle to learn Braille, writing with a stylus with the help of a little girl as a teacher. In the meantime, Ms. Spadaro uses plastic figures to teach the children basic geometry.

Our first visit of the day being over, we hop back into our truck to drive to the Day Center, which caters to students affected both directly and indirectly by HIV/AIDS. The head teacher greets us warmly, giving a little speech regarding the history of the school. Apparently, it was founded after the closing of the original structure adjacent to the school because of lack of funds. Now, the structure provides its students with alternative care with the mission of providing dignity for the children and “keeping their spirits up” regardless of their diseases. We spend a lovely morning there, playing musical chairs accompanied by Livy’s raps. The afternoon we spend at St. Mulumba’s with visually and hearing impaired children. Personally, I spend the afternoon “talking” with deaf children through a whiteboard. They teach me sign language by pointing at words on the board and showing me the corresponding sign. We leave our handprints on the walls of a classroom by dipping our hands in paint and them pressing them into the wall next to our names and the date. As we exit the classroom we’re greeted by a choir of visually impaired children singing a beautiful local song.

We spend the rest of the afternoon playing sports with the children and taking pictures. A queue forms in front of Daniel, he takes portrait pictures of an endless amount of kids who pose proudly in front of the Zambian flag. The sun sets and it’s time to go, we get ready for tomorrow’s round by buying dozens of notebooks and school supplies at the local Spar to offer the needy schools. Hopefully, tomorrow they will appreciate the brand new supply.


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