Day 5: Paper Mache Day

By: Marta A.

This morning, after breakfast, we took a taxi to Kalunda Ka Maria, which is a school in the deprived side of Choma. We spent a couple of hours playing with the children as some had finished their classes, and some were having recess. We learnt that the primary school children wake up at 5:30 in the morning and walk to school which starts at 6:30. We saw the extension of the school even though it was not finished yet and it lacked a roof as well as windows. Currently, the school has 700 children but it is expanding very rapidly.

At 12:15, we went to the café to eat, after which we visited the museum where we learnt about the history of Choma. At the end of the museum, there was an art gallery where we saw a painting made by the hearing impaired children of St. Mulumba.

In the afternoon, we went to St. Mulumba and made paper mache plates, which we will paint tomorrow. We also learned some sign language from the children who made the painting at the museum and played soccer with the soccer balls we brought them. At 16:30 we left the school and went shopping at the local SPAR for dinner.


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