Day 6: Play-Dough Day 

By: Martina I.

We wake up and get ready for another rich breakfast based on fired eggs, sausages, and bread with peanut butter, Nutella and a variety of jams. A good 50% of the food is consumed by Daniel alone who substitutes the trash can. We go for a nice long walk towards the Day Center, meeting two kids on the road who were walking there alone and couldn’t have been more than 5 years old. Marta and I each hold one by the hand and walk them the rest of the distance. At the Day Center the kids no longer seem very interested in the game of musical chairs which we had staged the last day, instead they are much more focused on the rap music pouring out of Ms Cerasoli’s speaker connected to Livy’s eccentric playlist. We spend the rest of the morning playing soccer with the kids, one of which has an amputated leg and nevertheless manages to play with impressive skill, swinging left and right between his crutches to aim his only leg at the ball. In the meantime, Marta leaves with the sisters to go visit some sick members of the community, some of which are bedridden and lack proper medical care despite their serious medical conditions, including strong asthma, diabetes and surviving with double leg amputations. After a long lunch marked by my tragic photography failures (apparently the pictures need to be “properly exposed” to end up being anything but black) we cross the road to St.Mulumba. While Ms Spadaro leads the children in making play dough, with Marc and Livy “helping,” I spend my afternoon learning sign language with the help of an impressively patient 8-year old teacher. I learn the entire alphabet as well as basic verbs and a few useful sentences and expressions (combined with the fact that I have almost mastered reading Braille, with my eyes open, I can proudly say that my trip has so far been very productive). Marta uses her time to practice Braille in the classroom for the visually impaired, while Daniel once again caters to a line of children waiting to pose for individual pictures. Presently (18:44) we are at the sister’s house for dinner, after having accepted their kind invitation and are getting ready for a rich dinner!



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