Day 7: First Goodbyes

By: Marta A.

This morning we woke up at the usual 7:30 and had breakfast. After which we headed to Kalunda Ka Maria to play with the children. Ms. Spadaro and Marta taught the 7th grade class as the teacher was absent and Ms. Cerasoli taught the 6th graders as the teacher was late. We taught some art, math and English. In the meanwhile Livy, Martina, Daniel, and Marc played with the younger grades. We were all surprised by how cooperative and responsive the children were even if there were about 50 children in a class. They were all eager to learn even though the conditions of the classrooms were not the best.

At 12:00 we said goodbye to the students and teachers and went to the day center. We then had lunch and to play with the children. First we had a dance party; followed by ball games. The younger children passed the small balls we brought them in a circle and the older children played passed around a ball all over the place in two teams: girls against boys. Once we were tired we settled down and they sang some songs including: a thank you song in english, a thank you song in Tonga as well as the Zambian National anthem in both English and Tonga. They also gave us each a bag sown by the older children. Finally we ran around chasing children and then said goodbye to everyone as that was the last time we were going to see them.

At the end of the day we had dinner and went to sleep early as we were all quite tired.


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